Monday, January 10, 2011

Adoption and Update

Clyde (pictured below) was adopted on Wednesday, only his second day at the Adoption Center!

Saturday I spent 2 hours doing health checks at the shelter with Leah's friend Melissa and Stephanie, then headed home to a gaggle of stinky pomeranians! We used my neighbor's house as a distribution point for puppy mill dogs - Recycled Poms out of Texas drove all the way to us and took 17 home with them! I even gave them a crate because they had filled all theirs. Sabrina took 2 and the remaining 5 are going to Colorado to Mill Dog Rescue.

Sunday I took Yorkie boy Jasper to be SAFERed at the shelter, and Katie brought me Mom-dog Lucy. This type of thing restores my faith in humanity. In October, one of the shelter employees posted a video of a mom-dog and her 6 2-day-old puppies waiting at the shelter. I volunteered that if someone could keep them for 2 weeks I would take the group. Katie is a student at OU who heard about them through cross-posting and volunteered to foster. AMAZINGLY, she not only kept them 2 weeks, but a full 8 weeks and then brought the pups up for adoption! Pretty great considering it was her first foster experience AND her first time with puppies! The pups made some people amazing Christmas presents, and Katie's mom even adopted one. :)

So Mom-dog Lucy makes the third foster right now, and she doesn't like to use the heated dog house so luckily she's house trained and staying in my kitchen. ;) She's already spayed and should go to the OK Humane adoption program after her SAFER evaluation.

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