Monday, January 10, 2011

Adoption and Update

Clyde (pictured below) was adopted on Wednesday, only his second day at the Adoption Center!

Saturday I spent 2 hours doing health checks at the shelter with Leah's friend Melissa and Stephanie, then headed home to a gaggle of stinky pomeranians! We used my neighbor's house as a distribution point for puppy mill dogs - Recycled Poms out of Texas drove all the way to us and took 17 home with them! I even gave them a crate because they had filled all theirs. Sabrina took 2 and the remaining 5 are going to Colorado to Mill Dog Rescue.

Sunday I took Yorkie boy Jasper to be SAFERed at the shelter, and Katie brought me Mom-dog Lucy. This type of thing restores my faith in humanity. In October, one of the shelter employees posted a video of a mom-dog and her 6 2-day-old puppies waiting at the shelter. I volunteered that if someone could keep them for 2 weeks I would take the group. Katie is a student at OU who heard about them through cross-posting and volunteered to foster. AMAZINGLY, she not only kept them 2 weeks, but a full 8 weeks and then brought the pups up for adoption! Pretty great considering it was her first foster experience AND her first time with puppies! The pups made some people amazing Christmas presents, and Katie's mom even adopted one. :)

So Mom-dog Lucy makes the third foster right now, and she doesn't like to use the heated dog house so luckily she's house trained and staying in my kitchen. ;) She's already spayed and should go to the OK Humane adoption program after her SAFER evaluation.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, of course!

I don't really make New Year's resolutions, because so often they are spoken and immediately forgotten, or broke and do little more than make me feel bad about myself.

BUT this year when asked the question: what are your resolutions, I came up with a good one.

I want to track how I help make this world a better place, particularly with animals. I definitely want to remind myself of the dogs I have a personal connection in saving (either through foster or transport, I don't think I can count the number I send out via email, facebook, assist to get foster homes, or help vaccinate at the shelter).

So here's what I've done this year:
Currently fostering a grey & white cat

Currently fostering a yorkie (came from the same home as the cat)

Currently fostering a little mutt-dog from Midwest City - his sister was adopted the first day she was at the center, but due to holidays he hasn't been back until today. Here is his awful intake picture:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sometimes It's Too Much

Anyone who's ever worked for a cause and tried to make a difference faces the point of exhaustion. The question of whether any good has come of your actions, or if we're just treading water.

I constantly fight burnout. I don't have puppies right now, but I am fostering 3 basset hounds (two have shed their kennel cough, while the skinny one is still fighting it off), and still have the momma cat with 4 five-ish week old kittens. I'm not crushingly exhausted right now, but I want to post what a friend said as a reminder that my actions DO make a difference. She posted this on BAD RAP's facebook page.

"I moved to Oklahoma City 5 years ago and it has been a very eye opening experience when it comes to dog rescue and abuse. I have always loved pound puppies and even adopted one back in DC, but it wasnt until I moved here and became best fr...iends with hardcore animal rescuer/ volunteer / transporter / foster mom that I really understood how very important it was to adopt and not to buy.

She opened my eyes to what happens behind the scenes. I saw first hand what happens to the dogs and cats that dont make it to adoption. It is incredibly shocking. You become so overwhelmed with emotion. You fly from anger to sadness and back again in just a matter of seconds. Most people only see the happy wiggly dogs who get to find homes. Not having to walk down death row and having to pick who lives and who dies.

Because of her I truly began to understand how important adoption is. How important it is to spay and neuter (even though I have always done it because it was the "right thing to do"). How important it was to become a foster or a volunteer. AND because of her I found Capone. Capone is my amazing wonderful Pit Bull. He was on death row in a small Kansas town because of their ridiculous and ignorant BSL law. Not a day has gone by in the last year and a half that I am not grateful to have him in my life.

Because of people like Amber (my bestfriend) I have become a foster, a voluteer and most important - I am no longer blind. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I thank you for continuing to push on even when you believe your heart has become numb and you think you can no longer take it. Thank you for saving so many wonderful fur-babies. Thank you so much for fighting for those who dont have a voice.

Thank you so very much. ♥ "

Friday, July 2, 2010

Boxer Pup Update

Boxer pup pictures!

This wasn't posted sooner because these poor puppies were in no shape for photographs. I come home to five TINY 9 week old puppies. These are boxers?! Are you SURE? They were so small they could stick their heads through the chain link fence. Then I get closer... and see big wormy bellies, no muscle or fat on their little bodies, large bald patches of missing hair or scabs. These poor babies. After I get in the pen with them it's obvious the scabbing / hair loss is not sarcoptic mange (whew!) but while investigating scabs to see if there is puss (gross, but wanted to know if they need antiobiotics) it turns out the brown patch between one's eyes is not a scab but FLEAS. TONS of them! I break out the flea meds immediately, all the puppies are that bad. The next day I start the worming schedule (once a day for 3 days) and take pictures. So you still see wormy bellies, but at least no active flea infestation!

Now I'm working on getting them to Little Rock. Unfortunately now the foster home says she'll be gone from July 15-20 and asks if I can keep them. No way, I have dogs waiting for my space as it is. So wish me luck on filling 4 legs of a transport HOPEFULLY July 10th or 11th!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chi explosion and out of state rescue savior!

I'm not fond of Chihuahuas. They've never liked me much. And lately they seem to be EVERYWHERE - multiple chis and chi mixes running the kennels at the OKC shelter, so most of the time I just walk by. But while doing health checks on Sunday at the shelter a momma dog and her four puppies caught my eye. At not quite 5 weeks old they aren't even available for the public, but it was still surprising no rescue had signed up to take them. They were due to be euthanized on Tuesday morning. I said I would foster if I couldn't find anyone else, and luckily another group from outside the city said they would take them. *whew*

(Side note: I still ended up fostering the 4 month old scruff-tastic pug / wire-hair terrier (??) mix that I signed up to take.)

In other news, an emaciated boxer momma and her seven mixed breed pups came into the Chickasha shelter. A local boxer rescue took the momma (full blood) but not the pups. :( As a last ditch effort (24 hours before they were to be euthanized), my friend sent me her cousin's email, who had supposedly been involved in boxer rescue in Kansas. I didn't hold out much hope. Then, holy crap, a boxer rescue in Arkansas calls me last night, saying a group in New Hampshire can take the pups! I freakin love the internet! Anyway, we were able to get a stay of execution on them with promise we would pick them up today, and now (thanks to my boyfriend) they are waiting for me to come home and take pictures. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Puppy Chaos!

After too many accidents with Dachshunds escaping and killing chickens (or, at the very least, scaring the begeezus out of them), I've determined my primary foster focus to be PUPPIES. Yes, most people dread fostering puppies, but I have a pretty good setup. I'm now on my SIXTH litter!

1.) Momma dog and her four pups, sarcoptic mange, adopted them out through LowRider
2.) Newfie mix puppies for OK Humane
3.) Schnoodles that were gone within 12 hours of being available at OK Humane!
4.) Heeler / border collies? from Norman shelter
5.) Pyr/Lab / hound? for OK Humane
- 5.5) Two aussie shepherd mixes from an Oklahoma County Judge
6.) Hound / labs for OK Humane

With each litter I've learned some things, like the fact that puppies can be downright MEAN to each other! I had to split up the Newfie litter because they were attacking.

Most puppies are scared of chickens. Intrigued at first, but too much clucking or flapping and they back off. That is, until they're about 12 weeks old, when they may hesitate, but then a chase ensues.

Puppies treat ponies just like they would an adult dog. Approach cautiously, cow down, then lick the face, and eventually try to play. The difference is then apparent as they love to grab on to the mane like tug rope. Thank goodness we have calm ponies (who think they are simply "outside dogs").

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Supposedly 7 years old
Not up-to-date on shots, but willing to provide a donation to cover it
Bald due to "blue" (dilute) gene except on tan points (legs, head)

Results of vet visit:
Older than age given
NASTY teeth, a couple lose and all in desperate need of cleaning
STRONG heartworm positive
Dry eye requiring medication

The positives:
Great with other dogs
Doesn't harass the cat

But tell me, WHO is going to adopt this dog?! And how long will he be in foster before that person comes along? Damnit, this is one of the reasons I dislike rescue.